Reviews and comments

This page includes some of the feedback posted on Amazon’s review pages or sent by email to Alison…

Doctor B     October 2018

This sensitively written story of Jerry’s observations on life made me laugh and made me cry. By the end of the book I felt that Jerry was a very wise, old friend. Written in a style that is both easy to read, yet full of delightful detail, it leads the reader on to want to know what will happen to Jerry and his “bipeds” next. A brilliant way of communicating observations on the world around us. Very enjoyable and highly recommended.


Bookworm    November 2018

Ms Sprigg is a both an insightful and compassionate writer. She has a huge talent and I am eager to see what she produces next.


Claire     November 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this story about Jerry the tortoise, which is suitable for adults and older children alike and has a touch of Gerald Durrell about it. Contains lots of fascinating information about tortoises, including some famous members of the species, and the scenes set in WW2 and in Cornwall are particularly touching. Nostalgia for a lost way of life, together with social changes, are portrayed through Jerry’s eyes but with a happy ending as well. Strongly recommended if you want a warm-hearted story with a difference.


Laura, aged 16    November 2016 (by email)

I think that this was an excellent book and I will read more of Alison Sprigg’s books in the future.